Monday, October 8, 2012

Swiftly Fifty!

today is my 50th post on be·muse.
and considering i just started this little blogareedoo a few months ago at the end of march...50...yeah, i'm tickled...tickled pink!

and instead of highlighting that one thing about someone that has recently inspired me·or·someone who left me just a bit dazed and confused the other day·or·even my latest thrift store score, this post is about my top 5 favorite posts: my favorite 10% of the blog so far.

and if you think i left an important one off the list...well...let me know!


this was the first time i walked up to someone completely random with 'hi, i have a style blog and i'd love to take your picture.' i was so nervous! but she was great and so was her blazer...and right after that i ordered business cards so i seemed more legit!


when i was little - like 8, 9, 10 years old - i rocked overalls. with one strap undone because i was "cool". (ha. not so much.) but this look is cool, stylish and totally her own. i love a true individual.


i've tried not to highlight teenagers on the blog because so often they haven't found their own style voice yet: they wear what everyone is wearing. (anyone else disgusted with the uber short shorts with the pockets hanging out the bottom from this summer?) but i was diggin' this i broke my own rule.


so this was a BEmuse post, not a muse. but meeting her was so entertaining: i easily told 20 friends about our conversation before even posting her picture! even thinking back on our interaction has me smiling right now.


i chased these two down to the 2nd floor (them on elevator, me on stairs). and they were so worth it.

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