Friday, October 19, 2012

muse · sentimental in seattle

just two weeks earlier i had turned 15. (of course, 15 is not nearly as big of a deal when the legal driving age is 16.) and the whole family was driving into seattle. 
correction: sitting on the freeway, wanting to be in the city.

but. my family isn't known for being early. and this was, unfortunately, not a day to be late.
THIS was the day that the kingdome came down. 

home of the '95 Slide...easily the most memorable moment in seattle mariner's history.
everyone rocked out there: paul mccartney, madonna, led zeppelin, new kids on the block, u2!
and on it's last day standing it set a world record: largest building ever imploded.

and we missed it. (thank goodness for replay on the news!)

so when i sat next to KEVIN on the bus, his kingdome tattoo had me feelin' a bit nostalgic.

here's a man who is proud of his city.

a city that's easy to be proud of.

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