Tuesday, October 16, 2012

seeking inspiration · the other roots

homonym. (noun) a word that is spelled or pronounced in the same way as one or more other words but has a different meaning.

so that show i went to: our roots are showing.


they can be a way to describe your deep family history.
the deep, deep parts of...

your hair.

did you know- hair is a BIG deal in the black community.  there are a million ways for a black woman to wear her hair...and just as many ways to describe (a few below)

natural·braids·afro·relaxed·corn rows·dreadlocks
curly·kinky·straight·nappy·frizzy (and dammit my hair is forever trying to be frizzy!)

so naturally, one of the four writers behind the mic at Roots, QADRIYYAH, creatively depicted roots in a one-woman monologue: a monologue focused on the desire to go au naturale (in the hair department).

and it was excellent. and she is beautiful. and she is ROCKIN' the natural look.

...instant inspiration...

Qadriyyah and Merri Ann, another one of the four writers, both rocking beautiful hair!

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