Tuesday, March 5, 2013

just a(nother) thought...

the other day i was in the office kitchen refilling my water and i ran into a statuesque co-worker looking for the refill supply of paper cups. she found them in the highest cabinet.
as she stretched her 6-foot frame to reach them, i smiled, "it's great to be tall, right?"
she met my smile with a frown and in an exasperated tone said, "no! it's not!"
cut to me: surprised.
unsure what to say.
awkward silence.
apparently when she was younger, she was much taller than her siblings and friends and 'blah, blah, blah' never quite fit in.
cut to her today...in her 50s...still hating her height. hating her body!
now me: sad. where is the fun in simply fitting in?
when i was younger, i was nearly the same age as my brothers (my stepmom's kids): one year younger than one, nine days older than the other. i was taller than both of them...and LOVED it. 
though i never reached my dream height of 5'11" (just 2-inches shy), i now rock the highest heels to make up the difference.
cut to me today: 4-inch heels, baby.
so here's what i think.
don't fit in. it's boring. booooooring.
and whether you're short, tall, slender, curvacious, young, old, triple d's or single a's: love love love your body!
oh and rock rock rock your own style. (and if i see you, let me snap your picture!)


  1. Replies
    1. That was such a great story and I totally understand what she went through. She's obviously a person that is unhappy with herself and nothing anyone says will make a difference to her. I could name countless things that was wrong with me as a child. But I ignored them and concentrated on the things that were good. Perfection is a fraud. Get over it.


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