Monday, December 31, 2012

muse · in the trimming

inspiration can be found anywhere.

by anyone.

in anything.

like old videotape ribbon.

this dress is made out of ribbon from old movies.

the artist is Rebecca Maxim and she says her work is "less about fashion and more about transforming the by-product of consumption into glamorous objects".

inspiration in by-products? check!

May 2013 bring you unlimited inspiration in the most unexpected places.

see this piece in person at the Bellevue Art Museum as part of the High Fiber Diet exhibit through february!

Friday, December 21, 2012

friday find · holiday edition!

'tis the season.

of holly and berries.
drinks and being merry.

making memories with family and friends.

and. of course.

the holiday parties!

and this year, both the hubby and i were rockin' some of our fabulous finds at each different shin dig.

guess which parts of our looks are thrifted?

tie? suspenders? blazer?

mmhmm. yup. yes!

of course there are little santas on his suspenders.

love him too much.

don't count me out though!

my killer shirt?
scored it at the amazing consignment boutique i told you about this spring!

merry christmas to you and yours from me and him
may it be filled with love, laughter and maybe a couple pick-ups from your local thrift store. ;-)

xox, jpotmont

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

muse · forever 21 fun

i love walking around downtown.
i never know what·who i might see.

so this was a fun surprise.

turn the corner and Forever 21 has models · live and totally regular peeps like us · posing in their window.

so i snapped a couple shots.

excuse the glare. you just never know when something·someone might inspire!



Thursday, December 6, 2012

muse · update on a past muse

they just got engaged!
and had an engagement shin dig at this clever bar in seattle.

i love parties. and i love LOVE.

so a party to celebrate love?

in addition to the old-timey drinks highlighted on their walls, they offered a 'spicy serrano peach cocktail' which had my name written all over it. 

side note: all i want for my next birthday is these balloons.

congrats you two!

Monday, December 3, 2012

seeking inspiration · pretty pretty ice princesses

it's december, my friends.
truly, the most wonderful time of the year!

each holiday season, i do my best to catch SNOWFLAKE LANE at least a few nights while i count down to christmas day. and this weekend was to be my first visit.

was to be.

ladies and gents it was pouring. buckets and boatloads of rain were falling...and after 3 minutes outside, i was soaked through and through. and i decided to pick another night to enjoy the magic.


on the run to my car, i came across these three ladies. and the little girl inside me jumped up and down and squealed and giggled. (while the adult in me pulled out my phone and snapped a couple shots before continuing to the car.)

dear high school girls,
you have my dream job. ice princesses! 
enjoy every single moment.
xox, jpotmont

Thursday, November 29, 2012

bemuse · where are they going?

time square.

land of the...

...prom dress?

maybe she was part of some photo shoot or hidden camera show? 


but jokes on her since patrick clearly stole her limelight! 

but she wasn't the only one a bit...overdressed.

work it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

muse · 3 shout outs

allow me to indulge myself a bit. (again.)
 happy birthday to my husband! the greatest, sweetest, sexiest, funniest, most stylish guy i know.
yes, yes, he's appeared on my blogareedoo 2.5 times so far: here, here and 1/2 here.
he's awesome and inspires me with his outfits on a daily basis.
perhaps i should start a blog dedicated to him? (ew, ew, i know. sooo cheesy. blech.)
anyway. today is his birthday: wish him happy day!
also, to give you something pretty to look at: below are works featuring TRISTAN from two of the most creative ladies i know. 
they blow me away.
please feel free to stalk them!
i worked with TINA VAUGHN to create this gift for our anniversary. she's an incredible watercolor painter and graphic designer and one of my bestest friends. (lucky me!)
the inset picture was shot by THE ANDRIA LINDQUIST: a seattle-based photographer with the most amazing body of work. (be ready to get lost in her blog for hours at a time.)
happy monday all! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

just a thought...

i love NY just as much as the next diva.
but i think that i'd make one adjustment to this flag.
"welcome to LIFE..."

Monday, November 19, 2012

muse · unexpected transportation

waiting at a red light when a business casual, khaki and button-up clad...lad...rolls by on a longboard.

"whaaat? quick, turn right! follow him!"

and since my husband is willing to indulge my weird stalker tendencies, i give you: 

Man on Lunch Break on Long Board.

yeah! maneuver around those boring walkers.

thanks for being in the driver seat this day, babe!

Friday, November 16, 2012

friday find · glitter!

they call it the 'GLITTER SALE'! heard of it?

it's only the biggest sale Seattle's Goodwill has each year for the past 29 years!

i heard it's a great sale for low priced, gently-used, designer clothes, shoes and bags.
i've also heard that black friday is a great time to buy big-ticket electronics for a great deal.

that may be true.

but i'm the girl that gets up hours before the sun each day-after-thanksgiving and heads to target for everyday hairbands. [true story: black friday 2009- ran into a friend at target, 5am. he was balancing a giant flat screen tv in his arms and i was waiting to pay for my 20-pack of hair elastics: hey, they disappear so quickly!]

this year i decided to check out the super popular glitter sale.  got there at 715am (doors opened at 9am) and i was the 355th person in line. (turns out fellow style blogger, tina, got in line at 445am and was #54. these people are SERIOUS.)

while i did snag a cute marc jacobs summer-y dress (watch for a future Friday Find featuring this score), i have two AWESOME favorites that i must share immediately!


dear lara, why would you get rid of a shirt signed by a Jackson 5?!?!?


sure, it's as big as my wrist...

ah, glitter sale - i get it now!

Monday, November 12, 2012

muse · oh for the love of leaves

i love leaves.

like, more than may be socially acceptable.

i love when they're on trees.
and i get super excited when they turn bright red·orange·yellow and 
to the ground.
but i become completely obsessed when the fallen leaves dry up and get crunchy.

don't say i didn't worn you if you're walking with me and we come across a street of crunchy leaves. whatever we were saying, i am NO LONGER LISTENING.

i am now in crunch mode.
every step i take..CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH.

these leaves here: they're not quite crunch ready.

but THIS is the very street i live on.

yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

seeking inspiration · becoming king

the other day, i went to a titanic party. (yes, titanic. great theme and even better party!)

while there, i met JD.
and today - TODAY - he's doing something big.

a bit south of seattle, in tacoma, he's opening a menswear mercantile: he's curated a collection of phenomenal pieces, from designer to vintage and, starting today at 10am, the store opens for you.

inspiration found!

worth checking out today...and tomorrow...and next week.
meet you there.

meet JD. 

next stop: king of menswear.

Monday, November 5, 2012

muse · studs for a stud

on the way to nyc, the hubby leaned over and asked, "how would you feel if i started wearing heels?" 

i think he was joking. (i think.)

i told him i wouldn't like it so much and that was that. the conversation likely moved on to other, equally random musings from my guy. (questions that are really only posed when on a 6-hour journey thousands of feet in the air with a man yet unable to fall asleep.)

fast forward to people watching in times square.
and these.

spotted! er..excuse me..studded!

never. would. have. guessed. these. shoes. belong. to.

ok, so i'm still not jumping on board, immediately, if the husband decides heels are his new thing. (i still think he was joking!) but THIS guy was WORK.ING.IT!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

muse · halloween special!

i had a party.
celebrity themed.
and some of the costumes were just too spot on (or too funny!) not to share!

so i give you:
my halloween celebrity muses.
(click the images to confirm who each of the muses are inspired by!)

one of the best movies of 2012.

they referred to themselves as 'before and after doping'.

turns out these two had a little controversy in 2010 (when she was still alive).

he's dating ellie goulding! (no, not my brother.)

don't you just love her?

the best couple in reality tv!

and my costume doesn't need an explanation, does it? happy halloween! 
xox, jpotmont

Friday, October 26, 2012

friday find · being ballsy


another thrifted score.
it's funky, fun and, while it used to be totally someone else, it's now totally me.

paired with a polka dot button up, perfect for the office.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

seeking inspiration · all was revealed

i am easily inspired·impressed by someone·anyone·everyone that will stand in front of an audience to share a bit of their creative self.
reveal themselves really.

and last week i went to an event that had an abundance of artists doing just this.
REVELATION. in the gorgeous TEATRO ZINZANNI tent. (one of my fave venues in seattle.)

perhaps all bars have this warning. but it seems lovelier inside the big tent.

i scooped up the drink of the night, entered the 'big top' and sat down hoping for entertainment laced with inspiration: both the creative and style kind preferably!

music·spoken word·aerialists...just a few of the acts to grace the stage.
also, a disco ball!

and yes, style inspiration.

when i imagine a violinist, i see a very buttoned up, even covered up, musician. but what do i know?

tight black dress with peekaboo cutouts.
floral lace patterned tights.
strong black boots.
and bow in hand to draw out the sweet notes of her violin.

style inspiration found!

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