Friday, April 26, 2013

friday find · red dress part deux

the sun has come back out and spring has officially sprung in seattle!

which MEANS...
boots are heading to storage for their season of hibernation!

i rocked it on a recent bike ride with the bro bro and thought i'd share the springtime and active version of this thrifted score.  plus any chance i get to show off my very talented brother is an opportunity i can't miss!

he doesn't just ride bikes. he levitates. 

a few close up details...

 i swear it's coincidence that my nails perfectly matched my dress!

kinda proud that i pulled off a sock bun without said sock! (love my curly hair!)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

muse · coffee creations

i love instagram as much as the next girl.
ig: jpotmont (#followme #illfollowyou!)
but i'll never get the food pictures.
my instagram buds hashtag the crap outta their photos.
(i mean #foodporn, really?? that's a thing?)
and i'll have one of two reactions:
" i'm hungry!" <-- this is typical.
"ew. why would you eat that?" <-- seriously. EWW to some of you.
lucky for me, i don't drink much coffee. because the seattle-area baristas are killing it with their coffee art! and were i to be a coffee drinker, i would likely instagram coffee shots every day. instagram shots...not espresso shots. (courtesy snicker please.)

the only food pics i've posted on instagram are me with a 5 lb. bag of mini-marshmallows (totally forgivable right?!) and a variety of pretty little drinks I snapped before consuming. (maybe less forgivable.)

that is until we met Cupcake Royale's very own SAMI!

and SAMI caught me a unicorn.

 espresso shot is pulled. (that's what they say in the barista biz, right?)

 steamed milk is poured.
 poky stick is in hand...

btw, your sleeve is killer, sami!


oh and she does dinosaurs too.

hot damn!!

go see her at the ballard shop - she says she'll take special requests!

Monday, April 8, 2013

seeking inspiration · my GREAT grandma

nearly 103.

that's how many years God gave us to enjoy my great-grandma before he brought her home on March 28th. 
her birthday would be next month.

my wonderful great-grandma THELMA had a quick tongue and an opinion on everything. everything.

this is the grandma who patted my hand approvingly when i was younger as i drank a big glass of ice water. she smiled: 
"you like ice water too? that's my girl." 
yup. me and grandma like water! (lol)

this is the grandma who shook her head at me disapprovingly when she found out i wasn't registering for fine china. shocked: 
"you're not picking a pattern for your formal china?!"
yeah, my hubby and i are 'day-to-day china' people, aka the casual dinnerware!

this is the grandma who, just a few weeks ago, lusted over my cousin's 5-inch wedge boots. without a hint of irony: 
"ooh if I were 20 years younger I would snatch those right off your feet!" 
because all the 82-year-olds are wearing them, right?

this is the grandma who, when asked what she wanted to drink with meals, would never miss a beat:
"I'll have a bit of bourbon."
bourbon and ginger ale or bourbon and sprite - that was her drink!

in the end, grandma told us not to feel sorry for her...she told us to feel happy. so we spent this past weekend, as a family, celebrating her long, beautiful life.
we poured ourselves bourbon and ginger ales...and i took deep breaths after every drink. (hey, i'm a spiced rum and flavored vodka kind of girl. at least grandma and i both loved that water!)

she was blessed.
and we were blessed to be a part of that life. 

love you grandma.

you could see her rocking these, right?

Friday, April 5, 2013

friday find · red and a bit of nostalgia

red is my absolute favorite color. 
anything drenched in this hue immediately catches my eye. 
and usually ends up in my home.


each room in my home has a million red accent pieces. (although, it's probably not an accent color if nearly every blanket·throw pillow·vase·frame·candle rocks red, right?) it's disgustingly fab.

now that you know this about me, you may not be surprised that my 'thrifting eye' is repeatedly drawn to the hangers offering red surprises.

say hello! to my latest find.

oh hey! recognize my necklace?

and this fun little outfit addition was a stocking stuffer from the hubby this past christmas. so this is HIS friday find.

and yes, it's spring now and this look features me still rocking boots and tights... not to worry! i paired this same dress this past weekend in an outfit perfect for 'playing' outside and it was nearly 70 degrees! watch for a bonus friday find this month to see how...
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