Monday, April 8, 2013

seeking inspiration · my GREAT grandma

nearly 103.

that's how many years God gave us to enjoy my great-grandma before he brought her home on March 28th. 
her birthday would be next month.

my wonderful great-grandma THELMA had a quick tongue and an opinion on everything. everything.

this is the grandma who patted my hand approvingly when i was younger as i drank a big glass of ice water. she smiled: 
"you like ice water too? that's my girl." 
yup. me and grandma like water! (lol)

this is the grandma who shook her head at me disapprovingly when she found out i wasn't registering for fine china. shocked: 
"you're not picking a pattern for your formal china?!"
yeah, my hubby and i are 'day-to-day china' people, aka the casual dinnerware!

this is the grandma who, just a few weeks ago, lusted over my cousin's 5-inch wedge boots. without a hint of irony: 
"ooh if I were 20 years younger I would snatch those right off your feet!" 
because all the 82-year-olds are wearing them, right?

this is the grandma who, when asked what she wanted to drink with meals, would never miss a beat:
"I'll have a bit of bourbon."
bourbon and ginger ale or bourbon and sprite - that was her drink!

in the end, grandma told us not to feel sorry for her...she told us to feel happy. so we spent this past weekend, as a family, celebrating her long, beautiful life.
we poured ourselves bourbon and ginger ales...and i took deep breaths after every drink. (hey, i'm a spiced rum and flavored vodka kind of girl. at least grandma and i both loved that water!)

she was blessed.
and we were blessed to be a part of that life. 

love you grandma.

you could see her rocking these, right?

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