Tuesday, July 30, 2013

muse · rockin' out!

two words:
bruno. mars.
five more words:
my husband can't stand him.
but only because i might have a bit of a crush on him.
(hun, you have nothing to worry about. if i ever actually met him, i hear he's a solid foot shorter than me. ok that's not true. but he is only 5'5" which means, in heels, that's simply an uncomfortable height difference. and you know i love my heels!)
so back to bruno...
i went to see him in concert and, of course, had a blast!
and while i do think he is a beautiful man, i wasn't sure there would be anything too inspirational to blog about.  until he came out for the encore songs...and instead of jumping back on stage front and center, he popped up on the drums!

here are a couple more pics from my dreamy 'date' with Bruno.


epic photo bomb from random tiger girl!
 he's nice to look at. he can sing. he is a solo act but keeps his entire band front and center on the stage with him. and he can rock out on the guitar AND drums.

man. good thing he is short...

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

muse · ZUMBA!

it's totally free (link)...through august 20th.
and me? i never say no to free!
and really, what is more perfect than dancing with a whole bunch of 'friends' in the middle of the seattle center on a gorgeous, blue-sky, sunny day?
not much!
my friend Liz caught this photo of me dancing while looking like mustard and ketchup. (perhaps a different color combo next week? :-P ) 

me and liz...sweaty and happy! 

and nothing better than grabbing a sweaty drink with a friend after a workout. 
what? you want to take our picture? well we're gross but...oh it's free you say? alright, CHEESE!
i love this city.

(hey you. come join us next week, k?)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

muse · hi again

yes, yes.
it's been awhile.
but there has been a lot going on with me - good things, i promise! - but nevertheless, my camera has been buried deep in my gigantic purse.
hoping to post some more personal inspiration soon
in the meantime...
gimme that dress!!

happy july, friends!
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