Wednesday, March 27, 2013


can i be honest with you real quick?
i mean brutally, almost shockingly honest?

well here goes...

i am not a fan of fashion.

ok ok, that statement doesn't seem so bad. my first tries included words like 'hate', 'abhor', 'disgusted' but those seemed a bit harsh.

truth is, i had a defining moment the other week. during a group dinner the question was posed: "if you won the lottery, what would you do?" then one-by-one, we went around the table with our answers. one of the women four seats before me stated:

i would buy a house in Paris, Milan and New York and spend my days being a fashion blogger.

and my first reaction: 'ugh. i wouldn't!' (in my head of course)
not the expected response from someone who just spent a solid year building this blog, huh?

so i considered this for the next few days and came to a conclusion:
it's not amazing fashion that i seek out every day.
instead, i keep my eyes peeled for the people rocking bright colors, bold colors, wearing anything unusual and cool, dressing in a way that accentuates their amazingness. yup, amazingness.
really, i'm on the lookout for genuine bits of inspiration. and these can come in the form of personal style or artistic displays, even cityscapes.

so this is my blog. it's not a fashion blog. maybe it's a style blog? maybe.

but it's here to inspire. or at least here for me to chronicle the things that inspire me.

style and inspiration blog? ok sure.


not always totally sure where i'm going. but i'm part-way there.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

muse · SPRING!!

it's the first day of spring!
not only does this promise warmer weather (ok, ok seattle, I know we may not see the sun for a few months yet) but hopefully we'll start seeing brighter colors on the streets, as well.
because i'm getting a bit tired of the black jackets EVERY WOMAN has been sporting around here.
i'm not kidding.
we're wearing our black jackets while...
waiting for the bus...
heading to starbucks...
(nice tights though!)
walking our dogs...
(oh? doesn't everyone walk their dogs on train tracks?)
travelling in packs...
('scuse the thumb in the picture but 5 women ALL in black jackets? thankfully we've got a red pants and red purse sighting!)
yes. i'm ready for bright colors.
AND, now that it's warming up, my social freeze will start melting and i'll once again begin stopping people on the street to ask for their pictures.
i mean really.
these stalker photos have to stop. ;-)
Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

muse · from dirty bird to fashion inspiration

it's working right?

you're completely inspired by the animal above and are now compelled to create something beautiful?

ok, me neither.

but Briar Bates was. 
and through crow inspiration, this was born.

i came across this loveliness during a recent exhibit at Vermillion.

and though i may not have ever been inspired by a crow, inspiration FOUND with this dress!

anyone want to lend me $3000?!

Friday, March 8, 2013

friday find · old haunts bring new hunts

once. nyc was my home for a time.

now. it's my favorite trip to take.
or when coast to coast flights are reasonably priced.

this time, since thrift stores have become a bit of a hobby, there was a new kind of shopping to be done.

and now i have a new·old comfy sweater.
and rockin' it transports me back to brooklyn heights.
even if just mentally...or just for a moment.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

just a(nother) thought...

the other day i was in the office kitchen refilling my water and i ran into a statuesque co-worker looking for the refill supply of paper cups. she found them in the highest cabinet.
as she stretched her 6-foot frame to reach them, i smiled, "it's great to be tall, right?"
she met my smile with a frown and in an exasperated tone said, "no! it's not!"
cut to me: surprised.
unsure what to say.
awkward silence.
apparently when she was younger, she was much taller than her siblings and friends and 'blah, blah, blah' never quite fit in.
cut to her her 50s...still hating her height. hating her body!
now me: sad. where is the fun in simply fitting in?
when i was younger, i was nearly the same age as my brothers (my stepmom's kids): one year younger than one, nine days older than the other. i was taller than both of them...and LOVED it. 
though i never reached my dream height of 5'11" (just 2-inches shy), i now rock the highest heels to make up the difference.
cut to me today: 4-inch heels, baby.
so here's what i think.
don't fit in. it's boring. booooooring.
and whether you're short, tall, slender, curvacious, young, old, triple d's or single a's: love love love your body!
oh and rock rock rock your own style. (and if i see you, let me snap your picture!)

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