Wednesday, March 20, 2013

muse · SPRING!!

it's the first day of spring!
not only does this promise warmer weather (ok, ok seattle, I know we may not see the sun for a few months yet) but hopefully we'll start seeing brighter colors on the streets, as well.
because i'm getting a bit tired of the black jackets EVERY WOMAN has been sporting around here.
i'm not kidding.
we're wearing our black jackets while...
waiting for the bus...
heading to starbucks...
(nice tights though!)
walking our dogs...
(oh? doesn't everyone walk their dogs on train tracks?)
travelling in packs...
('scuse the thumb in the picture but 5 women ALL in black jackets? thankfully we've got a red pants and red purse sighting!)
yes. i'm ready for bright colors.
AND, now that it's warming up, my social freeze will start melting and i'll once again begin stopping people on the street to ask for their pictures.
i mean really.
these stalker photos have to stop. ;-)
Happy Spring!


  1. Because it's so GREY!! My Cali blood is having trouble adjusting to the grey and I think that's why everybody dresses so drab here. I get the black and love it, but yeah, it's time for brights!


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