Wednesday, October 31, 2012

muse · halloween special!

i had a party.
celebrity themed.
and some of the costumes were just too spot on (or too funny!) not to share!

so i give you:
my halloween celebrity muses.
(click the images to confirm who each of the muses are inspired by!)

one of the best movies of 2012.

they referred to themselves as 'before and after doping'.

turns out these two had a little controversy in 2010 (when she was still alive).

he's dating ellie goulding! (no, not my brother.)

don't you just love her?

the best couple in reality tv!

and my costume doesn't need an explanation, does it? happy halloween! 
xox, jpotmont

Friday, October 26, 2012

friday find · being ballsy


another thrifted score.
it's funky, fun and, while it used to be totally someone else, it's now totally me.

paired with a polka dot button up, perfect for the office.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

seeking inspiration · all was revealed

i am easily inspired·impressed by someone·anyone·everyone that will stand in front of an audience to share a bit of their creative self.
reveal themselves really.

and last week i went to an event that had an abundance of artists doing just this.
REVELATION. in the gorgeous TEATRO ZINZANNI tent. (one of my fave venues in seattle.)

perhaps all bars have this warning. but it seems lovelier inside the big tent.

i scooped up the drink of the night, entered the 'big top' and sat down hoping for entertainment laced with inspiration: both the creative and style kind preferably!

music·spoken word·aerialists...just a few of the acts to grace the stage.
also, a disco ball!

and yes, style inspiration.

when i imagine a violinist, i see a very buttoned up, even covered up, musician. but what do i know?

tight black dress with peekaboo cutouts.
floral lace patterned tights.
strong black boots.
and bow in hand to draw out the sweet notes of her violin.

style inspiration found!

Monday, October 22, 2012

muse · styling prints

there is a way to pair loud patterns with different but equally loud patterns: the colors must complement each other.
match your shades and tones...and completely contrast the prints.


she paired a bold tribal print dress, with an earth-toned patterned cardigan, with cheetah print shoes.  everything else she had on was black: neutral. and lovely. 

simply lovely.

she told me how she's considering switching careers and becoming a stylist.
she also said "cheetah print is the new black!"

oh my goodness, i love her.
if you're looking for a new seattle stylist, call caitlin!

Friday, October 19, 2012

muse · sentimental in seattle

just two weeks earlier i had turned 15. (of course, 15 is not nearly as big of a deal when the legal driving age is 16.) and the whole family was driving into seattle. 
correction: sitting on the freeway, wanting to be in the city.

but. my family isn't known for being early. and this was, unfortunately, not a day to be late.
THIS was the day that the kingdome came down. 

home of the '95 Slide...easily the most memorable moment in seattle mariner's history.
everyone rocked out there: paul mccartney, madonna, led zeppelin, new kids on the block, u2!
and on it's last day standing it set a world record: largest building ever imploded.

and we missed it. (thank goodness for replay on the news!)

so when i sat next to KEVIN on the bus, his kingdome tattoo had me feelin' a bit nostalgic.

here's a man who is proud of his city.

a city that's easy to be proud of.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

seeking inspiration · the other roots

homonym. (noun) a word that is spelled or pronounced in the same way as one or more other words but has a different meaning.

so that show i went to: our roots are showing.


they can be a way to describe your deep family history.
the deep, deep parts of...

your hair.

did you know- hair is a BIG deal in the black community.  there are a million ways for a black woman to wear her hair...and just as many ways to describe (a few below)

natural·braids·afro·relaxed·corn rows·dreadlocks
curly·kinky·straight·nappy·frizzy (and dammit my hair is forever trying to be frizzy!)

so naturally, one of the four writers behind the mic at Roots, QADRIYYAH, creatively depicted roots in a one-woman monologue: a monologue focused on the desire to go au naturale (in the hair department).

and it was excellent. and she is beautiful. and she is ROCKIN' the natural look.

...instant inspiration...

Qadriyyah and Merri Ann, another one of the four writers, both rocking beautiful hair!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

seeking inspiration · honoring her roots

our roots are showing

that is the name of the show i went to: four talented women expressed their creativity and 'showed their roots' through poetry, readings, plays and spoken word.

one play, written by my mom's friend SANDRA, highlighted the lives of her parents, KEN and LOUISE, who broke civil rights barriers several decades ago in seattle.  this is them below as they watch actors (including their granddaughter!) preview their story on stage.

it was just a preview but it left me wanting more.  i'll keep my eye on The Mahogany Project for new shows!

and how about LAUREN in her layers. LOVE the scarf. LOVE the jean vest. (i may have developed a little *style crush* during my *arts crush* adventure!)

(lauren & sandra, daughter & mother, actress & playwright)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Swiftly Fifty!

today is my 50th post on be·muse.
and considering i just started this little blogareedoo a few months ago at the end of march...50...yeah, i'm tickled...tickled pink!

and instead of highlighting that one thing about someone that has recently inspired me·or·someone who left me just a bit dazed and confused the other day·or·even my latest thrift store score, this post is about my top 5 favorite posts: my favorite 10% of the blog so far.

and if you think i left an important one off the list...well...let me know!


this was the first time i walked up to someone completely random with 'hi, i have a style blog and i'd love to take your picture.' i was so nervous! but she was great and so was her blazer...and right after that i ordered business cards so i seemed more legit!


when i was little - like 8, 9, 10 years old - i rocked overalls. with one strap undone because i was "cool". (ha. not so much.) but this look is cool, stylish and totally her own. i love a true individual.


i've tried not to highlight teenagers on the blog because so often they haven't found their own style voice yet: they wear what everyone is wearing. (anyone else disgusted with the uber short shorts with the pockets hanging out the bottom from this summer?) but i was diggin' this i broke my own rule.


so this was a BEmuse post, not a muse. but meeting her was so entertaining: i easily told 20 friends about our conversation before even posting her picture! even thinking back on our interaction has me smiling right now.


i chased these two down to the 2nd floor (them on elevator, me on stairs). and they were so worth it.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

bemuse · true commitment

"25 years"

that's what he said when i asked him how long he's been growing his dreads.

the ends of his hair are almost as old as me.

and, as someone who changes my hair color a couple times every year (sometimes significantly, sometimes just a bit), i can't get over how long he's stuck with one style: i'm truly bemused.

but totally impressed with his commitment! i mean, DAMN.

(diggin' his friends look though.)

go on wit' yo bad self!

Monday, October 1, 2012

muse · all done up

it's a dream.
just a dream.
of mine.

i dream that for one day (a week? a month? a year?) everyone in seattle would get all done up for absolutely no reason whatsoever. and we spend the whole day looking fly.

fly and fabulous.

like this guy i grabbed a picture of when we stepped off the bus.

(yeah. he rode the bus looking this fly.)

then after 'all done up day', we can all go back to flannels and fleece.

yes, that's a polka dot button up. (love!)
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