Monday, May 28, 2012

bemuse·that had to hurt!?

the other day i met this MOM with the craaaaziest tattoo. she pointed out all the spots it hurt when she got it done 20 years ago. (note: she pointed out A LOT of spots)

for many years, she wore her hair longer because "people are so judgmental".
her son is now 25 so she's ready to show it off again. hey, it's not anything i would ever wear but she's definitely staying true to her own look.

when i asked if i could snap a photo, she quickly asked my name. i responded just as quickly. she thought about it for a good 10 seconds and said OK. umm, what if i had a different name?

rock on mama, rock on.

me: so now you can do whatever the hell you want?
her: f*** yeah!

she was a gem.

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