Tuesday, April 16, 2013

muse · coffee creations

i love instagram as much as the next girl.
ig: jpotmont (#followme #illfollowyou!)
but i'll never get the food pictures.
my instagram buds hashtag the crap outta their photos.
(i mean #foodporn, really?? that's a thing?)
and i'll have one of two reactions:
"ugh..now i'm hungry!" <-- this is typical.
"ew. why would you eat that?" <-- seriously. EWW to some of you.
lucky for me, i don't drink much coffee. because the seattle-area baristas are killing it with their coffee art! and were i to be a coffee drinker, i would likely instagram coffee shots every day. instagram shots...not espresso shots. (courtesy snicker please.)

the only food pics i've posted on instagram are me with a 5 lb. bag of mini-marshmallows (totally forgivable right?!) and a variety of pretty little drinks I snapped before consuming. (maybe less forgivable.)

that is until we met Cupcake Royale's very own SAMI!

and SAMI caught me a unicorn.

 espresso shot is pulled. (that's what they say in the barista biz, right?)

 steamed milk is poured.
 poky stick is in hand...

btw, your sleeve is killer, sami!


oh and she does dinosaurs too.

hot damn!!

go see her at the ballard shop - she says she'll take special requests!


  1. Awesome! Very cool, Sami.

  2. I guiltily photography many of my coffee cups but I am happy to share I have never used #foodporn. However, this coffee art takes the cake.

    dani // andbubblegum.com


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