Thursday, January 24, 2013

muse · i live here

it couldn't have been more than 35°F.

i'm not saying that's so unbelievably cold. it just might not be the preferred weather for walking along the pier.

that is, of course, unless the pier you live near looks like this one.

i absolutely love seattle.

when we tell you we have mountains in our backyard.
we mean it. 

don't let the rain deter you.

or do. 
that's alright.

more for me.

Friday, January 18, 2013

friday find · seek what has already been sought

i cheated.

here's another thrift store find...only, this time, i didn't quite find it. 
find it first, that is.

it was thrifted by a friend of mine. and then she turned around and sold it online.
to me!

(all i'm sayin' is don't be afraid to cheat: let O do the digging for you.)
wait for it... 

yes, i'm rockin' a super hip olive oyl on my sweater! 
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