Friday, August 16, 2013

friday find · MJ fever

who do you think of as:
for me there is only one answer.
and the answer is simple:
there are two MJs, duh!
Michael Jackson...the greatest entertainer who ever lived...his music shaped my entire childhood...nevermind that i was born 2+ years after his most amazing Thriller album released...nevermind i was only 3 when he came out with 'man in the mirror' (my favorite song)...i had his Dangerous album on tape, then cd, and then another cd once the first was completely scratched from overuse...i bought this old t-shirt because his brother MIGHT have signed it.
(deep breath)
 to say the least, i'm a big fan.
funny thing is, this post is about the other MJ...
Michael Jordan...the greatest player to play in the NBA...the reason i rocked #23 when i hooped back in the day...the subject of many arguments between hubby and me who seems to think some guy named LeBron is better...this past weekend, at 50 years old, he dunked on a little kid, the replay was played on news stations around the country and i got SUPER excited every time i saw it...i was pumped from just seeing the picture!
needless to say, i'm also a big fan of this MJ.
so this thrifted find my husband scored two weeks ago definitely won him more than a few brownie points.


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