Friday, November 16, 2012

friday find · glitter!

they call it the 'GLITTER SALE'! heard of it?

it's only the biggest sale Seattle's Goodwill has each year for the past 29 years!

i heard it's a great sale for low priced, gently-used, designer clothes, shoes and bags.
i've also heard that black friday is a great time to buy big-ticket electronics for a great deal.

that may be true.

but i'm the girl that gets up hours before the sun each day-after-thanksgiving and heads to target for everyday hairbands. [true story: black friday 2009- ran into a friend at target, 5am. he was balancing a giant flat screen tv in his arms and i was waiting to pay for my 20-pack of hair elastics: hey, they disappear so quickly!]

this year i decided to check out the super popular glitter sale.  got there at 715am (doors opened at 9am) and i was the 355th person in line. (turns out fellow style blogger, tina, got in line at 445am and was #54. these people are SERIOUS.)

while i did snag a cute marc jacobs summer-y dress (watch for a future Friday Find featuring this score), i have two AWESOME favorites that i must share immediately!


dear lara, why would you get rid of a shirt signed by a Jackson 5?!?!?


sure, it's as big as my wrist...

ah, glitter sale - i get it now!


  1. hey girl, thanks for the shout out! great scores... I would have to assume that Lara isn't with us anymore. The only possible reason she parted with her tee shirt. :)


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