Monday, November 5, 2012

muse · studs for a stud

on the way to nyc, the hubby leaned over and asked, "how would you feel if i started wearing heels?" 

i think he was joking. (i think.)

i told him i wouldn't like it so much and that was that. the conversation likely moved on to other, equally random musings from my guy. (questions that are really only posed when on a 6-hour journey thousands of feet in the air with a man yet unable to fall asleep.)

fast forward to people watching in times square.
and these.

spotted! er..excuse me..studded!

never. would. have. guessed. these. shoes. belong. to.

ok, so i'm still not jumping on board, immediately, if the husband decides heels are his new thing. (i still think he was joking!) but THIS guy was WORK.ING.IT!

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