Monday, November 26, 2012

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allow me to indulge myself a bit. (again.)
 happy birthday to my husband! the greatest, sweetest, sexiest, funniest, most stylish guy i know.
yes, yes, he's appeared on my blogareedoo 2.5 times so far: here, here and 1/2 here.
he's awesome and inspires me with his outfits on a daily basis.
perhaps i should start a blog dedicated to him? (ew, ew, i know. sooo cheesy. blech.)
anyway. today is his birthday: wish him happy day!
also, to give you something pretty to look at: below are works featuring TRISTAN from two of the most creative ladies i know. 
they blow me away.
please feel free to stalk them!
i worked with TINA VAUGHN to create this gift for our anniversary. she's an incredible watercolor painter and graphic designer and one of my bestest friends. (lucky me!)
the inset picture was shot by THE ANDRIA LINDQUIST: a seattle-based photographer with the most amazing body of work. (be ready to get lost in her blog for hours at a time.)
happy monday all! 

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