Thursday, January 24, 2013

muse · i live here

it couldn't have been more than 35°F.

i'm not saying that's so unbelievably cold. it just might not be the preferred weather for walking along the pier.

that is, of course, unless the pier you live near looks like this one.

i absolutely love seattle.

when we tell you we have mountains in our backyard.
we mean it. 

don't let the rain deter you.

or do. 
that's alright.

more for me.


  1. Beautiful! I always have a little trouble with landscape shots, but maybe I don't take my photos on the right days. Yours are spectacular! If I were to give just one reason to visit Seattle it would be the view of those mountains :)

  2. So Pretty!! We are very blessed where we live. Love the pics!


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