Thursday, October 25, 2012

seeking inspiration · all was revealed

i am easily inspired·impressed by someone·anyone·everyone that will stand in front of an audience to share a bit of their creative self.
reveal themselves really.

and last week i went to an event that had an abundance of artists doing just this.
REVELATION. in the gorgeous TEATRO ZINZANNI tent. (one of my fave venues in seattle.)

perhaps all bars have this warning. but it seems lovelier inside the big tent.

i scooped up the drink of the night, entered the 'big top' and sat down hoping for entertainment laced with inspiration: both the creative and style kind preferably!

music·spoken word·aerialists...just a few of the acts to grace the stage.
also, a disco ball!

and yes, style inspiration.

when i imagine a violinist, i see a very buttoned up, even covered up, musician. but what do i know?

tight black dress with peekaboo cutouts.
floral lace patterned tights.
strong black boots.
and bow in hand to draw out the sweet notes of her violin.

style inspiration found!


  1. Thanks Janelle! If you want to see the films again, they are online now (as well as lots of behind the scenes content) at

    And you may even see yourself in our photos from the premiere night at :)

    Thank you for the write-up! :)

  2. Thanks for the link! The video was a bit spooky and a bit thrilling - perfect for this time of year and hopefully just the reaction you were hoping for! Thanks for a great event!


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