Thursday, October 11, 2012

seeking inspiration · honoring her roots

our roots are showing

that is the name of the show i went to: four talented women expressed their creativity and 'showed their roots' through poetry, readings, plays and spoken word.

one play, written by my mom's friend SANDRA, highlighted the lives of her parents, KEN and LOUISE, who broke civil rights barriers several decades ago in seattle.  this is them below as they watch actors (including their granddaughter!) preview their story on stage.

it was just a preview but it left me wanting more.  i'll keep my eye on The Mahogany Project for new shows!

and how about LAUREN in her layers. LOVE the scarf. LOVE the jean vest. (i may have developed a little *style crush* during my *arts crush* adventure!)

(lauren & sandra, daughter & mother, actress & playwright)

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