Wednesday, March 27, 2013


can i be honest with you real quick?
i mean brutally, almost shockingly honest?

well here goes...

i am not a fan of fashion.

ok ok, that statement doesn't seem so bad. my first tries included words like 'hate', 'abhor', 'disgusted' but those seemed a bit harsh.

truth is, i had a defining moment the other week. during a group dinner the question was posed: "if you won the lottery, what would you do?" then one-by-one, we went around the table with our answers. one of the women four seats before me stated:

i would buy a house in Paris, Milan and New York and spend my days being a fashion blogger.

and my first reaction: 'ugh. i wouldn't!' (in my head of course)
not the expected response from someone who just spent a solid year building this blog, huh?

so i considered this for the next few days and came to a conclusion:
it's not amazing fashion that i seek out every day.
instead, i keep my eyes peeled for the people rocking bright colors, bold colors, wearing anything unusual and cool, dressing in a way that accentuates their amazingness. yup, amazingness.
really, i'm on the lookout for genuine bits of inspiration. and these can come in the form of personal style or artistic displays, even cityscapes.

so this is my blog. it's not a fashion blog. maybe it's a style blog? maybe.

but it's here to inspire. or at least here for me to chronicle the things that inspire me.

style and inspiration blog? ok sure.


not always totally sure where i'm going. but i'm part-way there.

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