Wednesday, July 10, 2013

muse · ZUMBA!

it's totally free (link)...through august 20th.
and me? i never say no to free!
and really, what is more perfect than dancing with a whole bunch of 'friends' in the middle of the seattle center on a gorgeous, blue-sky, sunny day?
not much!
my friend Liz caught this photo of me dancing while looking like mustard and ketchup. (perhaps a different color combo next week? :-P ) 

me and liz...sweaty and happy! 

and nothing better than grabbing a sweaty drink with a friend after a workout. 
what? you want to take our picture? well we're gross but...oh it's free you say? alright, CHEESE!
i love this city.

(hey you. come join us next week, k?)

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