Friday, August 24, 2012

friday find · inspired by those 7 guys

(starting today, at least one friday each month i'll be posting a thrift-store-inspired blog.)

what's the first rule of thrifting that all stylish thrifters know?

what is the most intimidating part of thrifting for me?
the dig dig digadig dig.

but. it doesn't take much digging to look through the jewelry.  so i've started there.

and look what i found?
this beautiful ram necklace - i'm pretty convinced no one else is rockin' this piece and that makes it a killer find.

so be*muse family...what is your best thrifted jewelry score?


  1. Very Cool! I like it! I need to take some time to dig dig dig but I am always at work work work! I just bought some cool furniture pieces from a thrift store by my work in Georgetown. Place is called "Stacy's Funky Finds!" Kind of grungy and you would def want to wash your hands upon leaving, but some great finds nonetheless. An antiqued looking cream wooden wall clock with shelves and a great marble table that I am going to refinish (the stand) and use as my coffee table.

    See you at Book Club!!


  2. I'll have to check that spot out! Although I'm still working my way up through jewelry: does Stacy ever find funky jewelry? ;-)


  3. That's funny, I've never found the place kinda grungy, the store has very unusual interesting finds, and the owner is fantastic


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