Thursday, August 2, 2012

muse·we have a winner!

a few weeks ago we announced the first INDIVIDUAL STYLE competition on facebook and on the blog here.

and how gorgeous is CHELSEA MAE, our winner??

in her nomination, SHALIKA writes: "(She) has what I call "Easy Breasy" style. She can make a simple pair of jeans and white tee look like a million bucks. Not only does she have style and class, she has an infectious laugh that will make a stone faced man smile!"


double bonus: she loves rockin' bright colors (style win!) and thrifting fabulous finds (win times 2!).

meet chelsea mae.

love the layers!

yup, a thrift store find!

several bags of yard sale scores!

chelsea mae and's great to have fabulous friends!

p.s. both chelsea mae and shalika won $20 starbucks gift cards as part of the contest. watch for other contests in the future so you can win too!

p.p.s. with all that thrifting chelsea mae does, sometimes she even shares her scores. check out her etsy shop.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for posting my etsy shop in your blog. YOU ROCK!


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