Monday, July 30, 2012

seeking·inspiration·closet revamp

do you know what pinterest and and all these different style blogs do?

make me realize that, while i love my clothes, i do have some duds that can be a lot more fabulous.

so here goes the plan for august.

every. single. item.
(in my closet)

every so often you should take the time to reevaluate your closet and make sure you're staying true to yourself: both in individual style and the way things fits your body.

more than anything be honest in this: when you wear it, do you feel absolutely great?  if yes, it's a keeper. if no, do better! (either find something else that makes you feel great or get in better shape so you feel great!)

i want my closet to be:

fab·u·lous. adjective. exceptionally good or unusual; marvelous; superb
fierce. adjective. being bold, especially relating to fashion, clothes, hair, makeup
fresh. adjective. novel, original

what do YOU want?

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