Friday, May 24, 2013

the kick-off to summer (kinda...)

across the country, this 3-day weekend marks the kick-off to the summer season...ahem...summer BBQ season!
and sure, it's the kick-off to bbqs here in seattle long as you don't mind bbq'ing in the rain...until about mid-july.
but this weekend they're predicting highs of 65. and i'll take it.
it's not quite our record mid-80s month of may highs from a few weeks ago but it's warm-ish.
here are a few photos i snapped of my lil ol' town during our warm stretch. (from a ferry.)
we've got mountains over there... 

...and the city over there.
 "oooh, get THAT shot." he said.
hair! wind! cooperate!
oh seattle. she's a beaut, ain't she?
happy bbq'ing!
xox, jpotmont

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