Thursday, May 9, 2013

seeking inspiration · before i die

a few months ago, i came across this beautiful blog:
photo: Candy Chang
read it. the whole thing. it's uber·inspiring
so this week, i was super excited to see a local edition right down the street from my apartment!
it's in the early stages - not much filled in yet. and what has been filled in so far is a tad-bit juvenile. (to be expected?)
but, nevertheless, we quickly went over to check it out.
and to add our own responses.
talk about pressure! it was much harder than i thought to determine one thing i want to do before i die.
(cut to me. orange chalk in hand. staring at wall for five full minutes.)
christina was much less troubled and added her response right away.
after 5 minutes, and not narrowing my lofty life goal to one thing, i instead pulled inspiration from another answer on the board.

welp. inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.
(ok, ok. i know i'll need to go back to add a better answer. i'm still thinking!)


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